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AllRoads was awesome!

May 8, 2012


Oh yeah! It was quite and honor to play at the first annual AllRoads Music Festival. There were so many of our favorite local bands/musicians including Jerry on the Moon, Booze Mountaineers, John Lee Hookers, Precious Lemons, Kylie Devaron, My Ninja, Graham & Vann (duh), Nosecone Prophets, Dingus Con,  and more.

Thanks a ton to the Rome area Council for the Arts (RACA) for hosting the incredible event. This was one of he coolest things to happen at Heritage Park in Rome that I’ve ever seen. Extra thanks to Erica Simpson McGinnis and Wright Ledbetter of RACA for having the awesome dream. All the bands really brought it. We cleaned our lyrics up a tad but my favorite was that Graham & Vann censored the shit out ouf their own selves, which was quite humorous to those who knew the lyrics. I recall leaning over to one fine gentleman and saying, “this is not usually an instrumental part. They just took the whole damn verse out.”