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AllRoads Music Festival on the Prowl

March 20, 2013


Shiver me timbers! Ol’ Muletide Perkins Trio is looking forward to playing at AllRoads Music Festival in this year. Last years inaugural edition was like Christmas for fans of the vicinity’s sounds and a nadwaxing amount of tunes contributed to the evening’s soar. We’re familiar with a lot of the bands on here that we care for. There’s a lot of fresh faces too. Tickets are priced to sell!


Thanks Jay!

March 11, 2013


Hell yeah! Our good ol’ pal Jaybird Steele was kind enough to mention our new album, Brand New Stranger, in his musings on Athens Provisions, which we recommend including in your life and routine. Jay’s always given a rats about us and we appreciate it.

HERE IT IS if you want to read it.


Up Next: Hangar Bangar Haus Party

March 3, 2013


So this place is called The Hangar and there is going to be a party there on Saturday called the Hangar Bangar. It sounds pretty cool. There’s going to be comedians, a guac-off (guacamole cook off), food trucks, Graham & Vann is playing, we’re playing, DJ Snakepants,  and a band called SexBBQ is playing so we’re looking forward to being a part of all of that.

Let’s see, the address is 151 Sampson St. NE, Atlanta, GA. I’m gonna copy the lineup from facebook. Here it is.

2pm: arrive, imbibe
4 or 5ish: Graham & Vann
6pm: The Great GUAC/OFF with A CELEBRITY CHEF JUDGE! Also the Doggy Dog food truck will be offering a special Stubble on Stubble™ Chorizo dog to drench in guac
7pm: The Muletide Perkins Trio
8pm: Comedians Samm Severin, Gilbert Lawand, & Shalewa Sharpe
9pm: SexBBQ



Thanks Jeff!

March 1, 2013

stomp and stammer blog

Thanks a lot to Jeff Clark for spending his time listening to our new CD, Brand New Stranger, writing about it, and publishing it in Stomp and Stammer, a no BS publication.

Check it out if you got a minute.

Brand New Stranger review

How y’all like my italicizing?!