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Stereotrash Presents Delivers

June 8, 2014


I’ll have to say that Friday, June 6th of 2014 was a dang fine day. We enjoyed participating in the Stereotrash Records Presents showcase in the Schroeder’s Courtyard with The Holler, The Donors, and Arlo Finch, who have all recently recorded with Manning Burns of Stereotrash.

I really love this group of folks (everyone brought the real) and am very much looking forward to more of this shizniddly-dang-doo-daa in the not so distant future. Manning produced¬†“Wagon Will” for us and hopefully we’ll be able to work with him in the future. Actually, we already are and we’re pretty excited about it.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday and for all the great folks at Schroeder’s for all hospitality.