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Craving the Bold at Extreme Halloween ’14

November 4, 2014

It was colder than a witch’s teat with a breeze coming through that sent a chill from your head, to your coccyx, and then all the way to your toes. Brutal. You’d think there was a breezeway involved. Nonetheless, the monsters did ride  at the Extreme Halloween 2014: Monsters Ride at Night Party in the Schroeder’s Courtyard!

It was the Trio with The Donors, Graham & Vann, Wet Banditz, and Cyanide Sundae and the only way to defeat the cold was to play hard, so everybody did. Great folks on the premises as well! We’re just glad that anyone came out but we especially appreciate all the Floyd Co. Freaks (and neighbors) who craved the bold and stuck it out for the whole night. This is a sweet and crazy crew of folks. Always a good time!


L to R: Todd (The Donors), Emily Rose, Matt K (The Donors), Jeremy (The Donors), Turn Slick, Eddie (Wet Banditz), Tide. Front: McG

PS- McGizzle was Haint Williams, Turn Slick was Yellow #5, and Muletide was Reggie Watts.

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