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It’s Callie’s Birthday!

August 31, 2016


Callie is one of our favorite people on the planet! She even appears on our latest album, Snakes Alive! She’s also one of our favorite bartenders and this year her birthday lands on the same day as one of our Muletide/Burnman Moon Roof Wednesday night lift-offs! So, we’re pretty excited! We’re always looking for something to celebrate but this reason actually has meaning! Show starts at 8:30pm. It’s a free show and they have happy hour specials all night long!


The Return of Reginald Hodgepodge!

August 13, 2016


We’re pleased as punch to be a part of this onslaught of original music. Muletide Perkins Trio goes on at 2:45. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Time to chill

August 4, 2016


It’s hot outside. The weekend is almost here. Let’s kick back and chill for a spell with the Mule. 400 Block Bar in Downtown Rome. 6-9PM. Thanks!


Muletide & Burnman bring the heat

August 3, 2016


Well, actually the heat was already there. We’re just coming to make it a little more tolerable. With sounds. And suds. Come on! Free show! 8:30pm.