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Beat the heat with a slop summer treat.

July 13, 2017

Man, it’s hot! Cool off with Muletide at 400 Block Bar on Thursday! 7pm. $0.

Here’s my favorite moment from Jeopardy…

Alex: The Dromedary camel has one hump while the Bactrian camel has this many.
Contestant: What is two, Alex?


’tis of thee!

July 5, 2017


I stayed at home with my dog on the 4th because he was a bit agitated with all of the simulations of warfare. He was glad. I was too. He checked on me after every major explosion, which really meant a lot to me. He’s a sweet boy. So I’m gonna swoop in on the 5th and clean house, and ear canals! Muletide live at the Moon Roof! $0. Happy hour all night long. Slop till you drop! Peace!