That mean old blazing sun.

August 29, 2019

Here’s an old one that I felt was appropriate after the last week of blazing Georgia heat. It’s cooled off a bit now and I’m grateful. Much love to you all.


Store me in a cool, dry..

August 29, 2019

This is the first single from the Muletide Perkins “Gazebo” album released in March of 2019. Produced by Manning Burns for Stereotrash Records. The recording features Muletide (guitar/vocals), Burnman (drums, guitar, vocals), and Christina Peck (bass, vocals). Get Gazebo now on your favorite streaming platform! Thanks! Love y’all!


Spring Slop Session in Store

May 16, 2019


The slop doc is in this Friday at 400 Block Bar! Come on down for some homegrown sounds! Check your stress at the door. Or make a night out of it with dinner at La Scala Mediterranean Bistro! 9:30 PM. $0 (the show, that is).


Big Top Bullslop

March 7, 2019


Signed up for slinging slop, not shoveling sh#t. Lucy grows weary of the clown show. Will shower then share sounds Friday. 9:30pm. $0 400 Block Bar
Pic Chris Ozment Photography. Thanks!


Breathe and Relax with the Mule

February 27, 2019

Bryan - Owl (797px, 25fps)

Breathe deep and unwind with Muletide. Hot strums, kind vibes, and certified slop slinging Wednesday at Moon Roof. 8pm. $0!
Thank to Doug Nurnberger Photography for bringing this promo to life!


Sunday Slop Serving

January 14, 2019

I’m just trying to do better at slopping out online. Here’s that Mad Cow Rocks song. Thanks for listening!


Prime Time Muletide

January 1, 2019

TV Mule

Happy New Year! Let’s get this puppy started! Muletide returns to prime time with a brand new season of “Sloppin’ Out At The Roof.” Wednesday at 8pm. $0. Not seen on television!

TV pic by Chris Ozment Photography. Thanks.
Art stolen from Superman. Sorry.